Walkera runner advanced .....configuration

Hi …just wondering if anyone knows what to use for the configuration adjusting parameters of the walkera runner advanced .

I tried cleanflight and BetaFlight and tried installing a driver with the driver finder from cleanflight , but it won’t connect . It opens port …then quickly says something about github in red that I can’t see …then closes port …that’s it . Walkera is almost out of my drone lineup !

I need to adjust the low battery power cutoff as it was set too high and the drone lands after 5minuites .

After a google I found this.

The Walkera runner runs on MultiWii

thnx doomedfpv,

its a bunch of files this dude has put up on what he did to his drone. im looking for a configurator for the runner …all the multiwii things i find are either empty files or just rubbish . for mac and windows .
this guy doesnt even tell you what to use to do what he says on . sounds like hes the only one who has got it configured .
and good on him for being a programming wizz …but reality check …were not all geniuses and just want some help getting ours done too .

Have a look at these links