VTX Help! Matek

Hi all,

Ive bought a Matek 38CH VTX 5.8GHZ HV with BFCMS Control. Reading through the instructions before i start my build i have noticed this at the bottom of the wiring diagram “If power the VTX from battery voltage, the video ground is integrant” What does this mean? i’m new to the hobby and still learning. Any help is appreciated.

Good question well presented… I have no idea. :astonished:

Looking at the diagram.

I can see two grounds connected which could possible cause a ground loop that could cause you interference.
so the integrant ground detects it and deals with it.

I think :confused:

Yep, it’s stumped me a little, I will add the ground as it says above would be very interested to know what it does but I think you might be right mate. :wink:

I’ve wondered why Chinese companies especially don’t out source technical proofreading tasks to native English speakers. Or highly proficient. This sort of thing goes on all the time.

Cause that would cost them Money and less profits

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