New FC New body wiring blog (time lapse)

Helloo, i just had my new F4 matek 405STD FC come today, i had a new body for the copter also as i felt the previous one was just a bit poop. So heres a time lapse of it all going together.


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Heres a few images of the ALMOST finished produxt. Love this frame alot, its got a really easy accessible XT60 port on its back, so i just wired up that straight to the PDB.

Any questions feel free to askkk

Nice, I like the paintwork on the frame :+1:

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yeah i love the camo effect its great.
some has chipped off around the screws but thats expected.

thing is aswell, its advertised as 5" quad, but i can see that you can easily fit 6" props on this :stuck_out_tongue:

What frame is that? I’ve not seen one with the XT60 coming through the top like that.

Arris? Ive never heared of it either but i love the frame everything is so conveniently placed nothing gets in the way.

Edit:though saying this i have made some minor modifications to it. For instance the vtx antenna at the front i drilled out a hole for a snug fit.