Vortex 285 + X4R-SB + Taranis Plus

Hi, new to FPV drones and was given the above for kit for christmas but i am pulling my hair out as i cannot get past the first page of the vortex wizard.

  1. The TX & RX are paired in CPPM mode and green light is on.
  2. I have cleanflight installed and can see lots of data about the drone, and fire off motors etc.

But, no matter what settings i try I cannot see any inputs from the TX on the drone or in cleanflight.

Is it possible that the flight controller board could be broken ? seems unlikely as everything else seems to be working.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I think that is the problem, as the X4R-SB outputs SBUS not CPPM. Fortunately immersionRC have a guide for connecting that RX to the vortex here:


Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions please ask and we can try to help!

Hi Alex, thanks for the rapid response.
I have the immersionrc CPPM >> SBUS converter cable too and i have the same issue if i use that.
Reading the manual for the X4R-SB is mentions CPPM using the jumper, so maybe thats where i am going wrong.
Maybe i need the jumper when i bind and the special cable in place too. not sure i have tried that combination.