Vortex 250 Pro, cant access OSD menu

I wonder if you can help as I am tearing my hair out right now.

I’ve setup the Vortex with a Taranis X9D+ and an X8R receiver. It’s bound with no problem, however no matter what I do, I cannot enter the ezOSD menu by using the Taranis (it’s supposed to work by pulling throttle back and left according to what I’ve found online)

I’ve set it up as a new model and used the ezOSD wizard with no problem, but I’m unable to change any of the parameters, rendering the OSD pretty much useless. I can see all the details via my Fatshark Goggles, but can’t change anything, such as battery capacity, max height etc.

Have you come across this issue before, as I’m struggling to find any solutions online, and am wondering if it’s a faulty OSD. Can you advise please?


Sorry to hear about the issue and no I have not had this issue before. Have you confirmed your endpoints are less than 1000 and more than 2000 on your taranis model, as perhaps the OSD is not picking it up correctly.

Also during the initial setup wizard where you able to verify your taranis sticks where working properly?

It was the endpoints! All fixed now. Cheers