Vengeance 280 Alarm Problem

Hi guys, I think I may have a technical prob;em with the Vengeance 280 I received today. I cant get it set up and there is a continuous LO alarm/siren, even with a fully charged pack. I’ve checked everywhere in the forums and can;t fix it and cat get it to connect to Cleanflight so it may be a board issue. Shall I send back or am I missing something? Many thanks

Sorry to hear about that adn I can imagine the beeping can get quite annoying. By the sounds of it the voltage alarm settings must be messed up. CAn you connect it to cleanflight and under configuration tab you should see a battry voltage section that you can check the max and min voltage values… could you check that they are correct?

One more thing is that you will need to play with the voltage scale value to make sure that the voltage displayed on the cleanflight home screen matches the actual voltage of your battery as that is usually the cause for a false low voltage alarm.