Nighthawk Pro 280 (cleanflight) will not Arm

I am having issues setting up my NightHawk Pro 280. I have followed the instruction manual and also watched several videos about cleanflight that are basically the same process for setting it up. when I try to calibrate the esc’s it does not respond as it should. I move the slide to maximum power then connect the battery … the sound that I get is not the same as described in the book or manual it is an intermittent beep which does not stop… the motors also jerk which is not right. I have tried virtually every thing I can think of and I am assuming that because the Esc’s are not calibrating this is stopping the arming from taking place ???

Can you check on the Receiver tab to ensure your throttle stock goes below 1100 and that yaw stick goes below 1100 and above 1900 as that is a common cause for the board not arming

Also have you connected your receiver and confirmed it is working correctly via cleanflight gui? As in intermittent beep suggests your ESC are not getting any signal.

Also during calibration if you keep high throttle on for too long then the ESC will enter programming mode which could also be what you are hearing, If you can send a video of the beeps I can maybe help you identify the issue and a solution.

All sorted… The endpoint not the transmitter for the throttle was not covering a wide enough range