Need help with my nighthawk pro 280 clean flightsetup

Hello there i have been flying around my emax nighthawk pro 280 stock for a while and then decided to flash my drone to clean flight and it was a very bad idea because I have no idea where to begin with, it and I started to mess around with it and it messed my quad right up it won’t arm and if it does the motors start going crazy and the beep just continuously beeps. For a transmitter, i have a Flysky i6 and I don’t know how to setup aux settings on it so if there is anyone out there could help it would be much appreciated

My suggestion would be to read this guide, its for a SP F3 board, but I think most nighthawk pro 280 kits shipped with the skyline 32 flight controller was based off naze32, but the general settings process will be the same

thank you so much for that reply really helped just one thing I still can’t calibrate my ESC’s and when I arm one motor just starts spinning.