😑 Unmanned techs emax nighthawk 280 ATF 😑

OK so i got a emax nighthawk atf 21 DAYS ago and i still cant fly it the pids it came with are a joke almost like a drunk bee theirs no help sorting it out either so i just have a Β£150+ paper weight :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Daft question probably, but have you reset everything to how it came and tried any changes from default?

I notice you appear to have several threads running about this problem, which is a bit confusing to know exactly what you’ve tried to fix the problem.


yes even when out of the box it was all over the place

Another daft question, (probably),

How much experience do you have flying quads? I ask as this is advertised as β€œone of the best racing quads out there on the market today” and it will be very β€˜twitchy’ to fly.


skip to find wobble ive been flying for about 1year

like that out the box

Now here is a really stupid question but …
Is it the quad wobbling or the camera on its mounting?
Steve :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar issues to Ben, and have also been following his posts as I’ve wanted to sort my Nighthawk out too. Can confirm it’s not the camera. Stock PID’s are very jittery. I think it’s just a case of taking a long time to dial it in to your liking.

I’m still playing with my PIDs. I think Ben might be better off dropping his P pids and upping his I and D to make it more docile and reduce the jitter a bit. At least then he should have a flyable quad that can be slowly brought upwards. Alternatively drop the Pitch, Roll, and Yaw rates too so it’s more docile, and just drop P a fair bit. (if I’m thinking of the values in the right way!)

Here are the default PID values for the nighthawk from emax that they just send me. So I suggest you try those, they use the old pid controller but should atleast be a starting point.

deffo the quad mate i could see it when flying