Low battery voltage alarm

Hey guys. Have recently crashed hard with my qav 210, smashing it beyond repair. Luckily i had a spare frame and have used it to get flying. Problem is its an x frame with no room for my balance lead battery voltage alarm. I have a lost model buzzer soldered on, so can i set that to act as low battery alarm through the vbatt headers on my sprf3 evo, andd if so, where do i solder other end of wires? Are they soldered somewhere on the pdb?

It is definitely possible and probably better in many ways to use the voltage monitoring on your f3 flight controller. You jusyjust need to solder some battery voltage wires to the vbat pins (usually easy so solder from the pdb to fc)

And the. You need to solder a buzzer to the two buzzer pins, I have some pinouts and connection diagrams here that should help