Dedicated Digital LED out on SP RACING F3 V1.2 BRUSHED FLIGHT CONTROLLER (MPU6050)


I’ve bought the SP RACING F3 V1.2 BRUSHED FLIGHT CONTROLLER (MPU6050) from UT and it is working great. I have it in my Syma x5c and it just performs brilliantly!

I want to connect some Digital LEDs to the board to show when the battery gets low, but there isn’t a dedicated pad for it. Is there anywhere else this can be soldered too?

I do a lot of night flying with my Syma so would like to be able to see it in the dark :slight_smile:


Hi Matt
I don’t think there is a suitable output, but my experience is limited on this board, I bet Alex at @unmannedtech1 will know :slight_smile:
As an alternative you could fit a battery low warning buzzer with LEDs which at night can be seen at a reasonable distance

You might want to remove the green LED’s so it only lights at low level

Steve :slight_smile: