Help with SP Racing F3 mini flight controller, BOARD WENT DEAD

Hello I have bought SP F3 mini, today evening time I flashed the board under default specs, after successful installation i disconnect the device and connected back on again. everything seems to be work fine in clean flight, but once i attached the battery Li-po 4S 14.8v 4250 Mah, the board went dead, i thought there was some usb port problems, so i restart my pc and connect the board again, but no lights was appearing, and board was heating up so quick. only one light was ON on the right hand side next to the power pins. Is the board DEAD ??? or what can i do about it.

Sorry to hear about that :frowning: where did you connect your battery to it? But if its getting hot most likely the MCU is fried :fire:. So you might want to contact hh shop you purchased from to see if they an replace it. They should if you have not connected it incorrectly.

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I have bought from UnmannedTech, I connect battery to the main power source on the board as it says in the instructions. Picture below

And video

Thanks for the pics and video, I think the board is damaged :frowning: so you will need to send support an email withwith your order number so we can arrange to repair/replace for you

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I just send you a support letter on you official website, you must be got it now on Unmannedtech. Thanks