Nighthawk Pro 280 + Taranis Telemetry

I have a nighthawk Pro, which I’m very much enjoying as its very easy to fly after a few tweaks of the set-up on my Taranis +.

I’d like to use the telemetry features of the Tx\Rx to show Battery voltage, and then configure an alarm.

In order to do this I believe its necessary to connect the VCC out connector (behind the Camera on the front of the Controller board to the VBAT port on the LHS of the controller board.
This sounds straightforward, but I’m not sure what connectors are needed, and where to get them.

Can you help please?

Since the night hawk 280 uses the skyline32 controller with is compatible with base flight/cleanflight it is definitely possible to enabme telemetry to your taranis for battery voltage info. I have not personally done this myself yet with the nighthawk.

Here is a video on how to set this telemetry up with a naze32 board and taranis which should help. The only difference will be that the telemetry port on the skyline32 will be in a different location. One you have connected your RX telemetry port to the Quadcopter you just need to set it op on your taranis and cleanflight/base flight GUI.

As I mentioned I have not setup telemetry specifically on the night hawk, but this should work fine since its quite similar. If you have any issues let me know and I will take a closer look and help you.