Using the Headplay goggles with Phantom 3?

I recently purchased the Headplay goggles from your site and wondered how they can be used with the Phantom 3?

The Headplay goggles can be used easily with the Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced.

All you need is a Phantom 3 - HDMI Output Module that fixes onto your Phantom 3.

This then allows your remote controller to output to an HDMI device such as the Headplay goggles. You will then also need a mini HDMI to mini HDMI cable to connect the two together. Just make sure that when yyou are buying one to ensure that it is small enough as some larger connectors cant connect properly into the headplay HDMI input.

Hope this was helpful.

I have Phantome 3 Professional with the dual display and it will NOT work with HeadPlay 40 channel. My Phantom3 will display perfectly on my HDMI TV.

The HeadPlay will display an HMDI from my Laptop PC on the screen but when I plug in my Phantom 3 I only get a BLUE screen.

and YES, the HeadPlay is on HDMI and YES, my Phantom 3 is setup in the GO App. to display the screen in HDMI.

I also installed Litchi app and it too will not fix the problem on the HeadPlay.

I have a mini HDMI on one end and regular HDMI plug on the Phantom 3 end with an adapter to reduce it from regulary HDMI to mini HDMI so it can plug into the Phantom 3 … really need any suggestions for help.

I know that the HDMI port on the headplay HD can be abit hard to access properly, so can you double check that you have plugged it in all the way? Some people have actually trimmed some of the foam away to make the HDMI cable fit in properly.

The other thing to test is to get an HDMI input from a DVD player/similar and connect it direct to your headplay to check if the headplay HDMI input is working correctly.