HeadPlay HD FPV Headset Quickstart Guide

With the arrival of HeadPlay HD just around the corner here is a quickstart guide to help you get started using your new HeadPlay HD FPV headset.

Powering your HeadPlay HD

You should power the Headplay HD with 2S or 3S Li-Po battery. A 2S1P 1000Ah battery is included. The power connector is 2.1mm barrel plug- inside pin is positive. The wall charger is automatic and will shut off when charging is completed - indicated by the red LED turning green.

Important: there is no low battery alarm built into the Headplay HD. You need to monitor the battery voltage

To make your own alarm simply attach a small Li-po battery meter/buzzer to the balance port of the Headplay battery. A fully charged Headplay battery will power the Headplay for 1 hour. The Headplay LCD will shut off at 6.0V

Video Input

The HeadPlay has 3 video inputs:

  1. 5.8GHz 32 channel integrated receiver (AV1)
  2. External AV input (AV2)
  3. HDMI IN

To cycle between these inputs you should press the SOURCE button one time.

To change the frequency of the 5.8GHz receiver, simply press the small black button on the top of the goggles one time.

To change the band , press and hold the same button. The LED segment display will rapidly flash , indicating your band.

  • Band 1: 5725, 5745, 5765, 5785, 5805, 5825, 5845, 5865
  • Band 2: 5733, 5752, 5771, 5790, 5809, 5828, 5847, 5866
  • Band 3: 5705, 5685, 5665, 5645, 5885, 5905, 5925, 5945
  • Band 4: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860, 5880

To connect an external video input, such as an external video receiver, use the long 2.5 meter cable that is included with your Headplay HD set. This cable can also be used to share the battery between external Rx and Headplay HD.

Lens Care

Your Headplay HD set comes with a F220mm lens installed and a spare F330mm lens. The F330mm is less magnification and produces a smaller/crisp edges picture.

To change the lens : remove the four phillips head screws in the corners of the bottom plastic. Flip the Headplay upside down and lift the bottom foam housing. Try not to touch the lens when doing this.

Warning: Do not touch the ridged /grooved side of the lens or attempt to clean with any sort of cloth. DO NOT RUB THE ridged/grooved side of the lens. If you need to wash your fresnel lens, do it with warm soapy water only. Blow dry with slightly warm air or compressed air. Do not use very hot air since that can deform the lens. It is OK to cloth dry the smooth side of the lens.

Tip: I recommend that you do not change the lens, and keep the F220mm. If you change the lens, just be careful not to leave dust. If the large field of view is intimidating and feels too wide at first, try with the aspect ratio set to 4:3 instead of 16:10. This is changed within the OSD menu using the side buttons… The option you need to change is called: SCALE. This can only be done when video displayed.

How to clean and replace your Headplay HD lens.

THis video will show you how you go about changing the lens of your headset. It also shows you how to can wash it under a tap with some water incase anyone did not know how to do that :smile:

We hope that the new HeadPlay HD will make your FPV flights exciting. If you have any questions just reply to leave a comment below.

Do you have a confirmed delivery date for these yet? Are you taking pre-orders?

We have been told our batch should arrive this next week, but there are always chances for delays or customs delays, but if all goes smoothly should be here by the end of next week. Will open up pre-orders on Monday -http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/headplay-hd-fpv-headset-w-32ch-5-8ghz-receiver/

Just wondering if they have arrived yet?

Have not arrived yet :frowning: :mailbox: but they are on the way! :airplane: , should be here early next week depending on how long customs takes to clear…

Cool, thanks…
I didn’t pay for next day delivery so what service do you use? (Thinking of upgrading if that’s possible now).

It is possible to upgrade, but since I know you really want your headplayHD headset I will upgrade to next day for free :smile:

Cool! Thanks so much, can’t wait!

Forgot to mention that they have now arrived in UK, and are just pending customs clearance so should be with you by the end of the week :scream_cat:

Thanks for letting me know, cannnnnnnnot wait! :smile:

Just wondering if this got sent out yesterday? I saw that they arrived…

Yes I do believe yours was sent out yesterday, did you not get an email letting you know?

No and the order is still showing as awaiting fulfilment in my orders…

They’ve just arrived!! Will report back later with an initial impression…

Thanks very much, superb service!

First impressions:
Well made, good quality, screen is great resolution and bright. Reception appears to be really good although I didn’t fly miles away. Light to wear and ok with reading glasses. Very impressed so far.
I did crash my Tarot 250 on the second flight (not flown with goggles before), no major damage so will try again this evening with a spotter, I found height perception really difficult!
Thanks again and I see that you’ve completely sold out already…

Glad you like them and thanks for the feedback :-), sorry to hear about your crash too :boom:… It does take abit of getting used to at first, I still prefer to fly with a monitor so I can look up to get perspective but I am looking forward to getting some flying done with headplay this weekend if the rest of our shipment clears customs in time. I guess the nice thing is that crashes are usually not catastrophic/expensive when flying 250 quads :smile: