Will this fpv monitor feed signal

OK so i have asked this question in message2 twice and one on feedback (which has not been posted). Can someone from unmantech answer me please. Or anyone else who has this monitor.

Can this monitor http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/fpv-5-8ghz-monitor-7inch/ feed the signal to another monitor from the inbuilt receiver? I have no way of testing as all my monitors at home are hdmi. Can you please confirm that it can as it is listed in the product description.

I want to buy one of those diy fpv goggle kits from hobby king to use with this to get a taste before I invest in expensive googles.


Sorry about that, it seems that the description for that FPV monitor was abit outdated, as its recently been updated to a newer model, but only the images have been changed. The new one although cheaper, does not have any video output ability. I will update the page now to reflect this.

My personal suggestion if you are planning to get goggles is to wait a couple weeks for the new HeadPlay HD goggles that we will soon sell. An FPV monitor will not give the same experience. Monitors are usualy used if you want to do filming with your quadcopter so you can see what your camera is seeing but still look up at your drone easily. But goggles are the best if you want full immersion into the FPV experience.

Well to be honest I a quite annoyed because this is one of the reasons why I bought this monitor as it was stated on the description that it could do it. So I had the mind to buy a diy goggles kit later on as i am on a budget. Not impressed.

I am sure the headplay is great but I dont have money to through at it (sure its going to be over £500).

I did not realize that you already ordered your monitor, if that is the case I will be happy to accept a return (assuming its not been damaged) for a full refund, including return postage fees as our description was wrong. Just send an email to support to request the return.

As for headplay HD, we aim to sell our pre-order batch soon for about £209 each.

Well i have had it for weeks and its been used about 10 times and has velcro stuck to the back of it to carry my lipo. Can understand if you cant take it back but maybe you can offer me a really good discount to use in the future on the headplay when I can get enough money together.

Well would this be a solution? I did allot or research before buying this monitor and bought it on the premise that it could feed the signal as stated on the product description. I have bought quite a few things from Unmantech (and will continue to do so) and would appreciate some sort remuneration for this error.

That is acceptable as our description for that product was not correct, so I will be happy to offer you a discount on a replacement monitor which does have video out, such as this FPV Monitor. We will also pay for return shipping of the monitor. Otherwise a discount on headplay HD will also be possible for sure once it arrives, which will probably work out best since it already has a built in receiver so you can easily use both at the same time if required.

Just send us en email so we can make the changes to your account.