Updated : Have I destroyed Bugs 4W by soldering antenna?


Any help appreciated, dont know much about drones.

MJX Bugs 4W crashed. Got replacement arm. In attempting to solder antenna from new arm to board now drone says cant connect to 2.4GHz network i.e. drone wont arm etc… ?

Tried removing antenna (i.e. unsoldering, will try and upload photo of unsoldered points later) but same message. Have I damaged something? Without antenna should it not still connect (albeit with far less range i.e. remote is right next to it?)

Initially failed to understand antenna was (tiny) co ax so simply tinned and soldered but doubt that in and of itself would damage board? Tried stripping and connecting (and holding) centre (main wire?) to one bit and outer mesh (ground) to other (Fixing 2.4GHz Radio Receiver Antenna - Oscar Liang) but still nothing?

Updated image of where aerial was (or where I’ve messed it up!)

Any assistance much appreciated.


Pic before I’d done anything (i.e. removal) will try and upload one of how it looks not i.e. nothing attached.

you may have damaged the traces within the board.

Thanks for the suggestion, is there anything that can be done about that, Is it recoverable/diagnosable? Are there any options?
Couldnt see obvious evidence of melted PCB (assuming traces are connections inside board)?

Hi Alex, don’t want to hijack your thread, but I just got a B4W and the card slot is messed up as in the card will not stay in. I am wondering how you get the body pulled apart? I am figuring it snaps somehow?? Don’t want to have to send it all the way back and the seller has offered a partial refund. Hope you get yours back to flying. Thank You Randy