Radiolink transmitter possible issue maybe not 🤔

Hi to everyone just joined as need to learn how to repair my drone as learning to fly and glads its only a drone and not real plane as we would be really in trouble ! I’ve crashed and broken something or have a issue the same thing really and got to learn to to sort out so going to start ! Right let’s start :grin: the drone was flying all ok and fine then all out of the blue wind came and I tried to Compensate the harsh manoeuvre and I went straight down into the Grove unsure how the back got damaged so maybe the GeForce bought everything from the back forwards. I make it sound like it was a massive crash it wasn’t but still crashed the issue was the antenna for the FPV must’ve got caught and it tumble on the grass and forced the module and the receiver/transmitter for the controller to come off the sticky pad that pulled the cable away from the soldering, I resoldered this on but the drone was still not working it powers up and does it beeps but that’s it. issue I have is the buzzer doesn’t work but does work when you press it manually so it isn’t broken, but the controller has a signal well shows full bars on controller. But don’t know enough about other stuff motors etc fight controller etc, but there got to be something on radiolink transmitter module even through is has lights on showing it’s has power as such I would of thought that the buzzer would work aleast even if a issue with main board ! But watch a guy on YouTube and he spoke about crash can cause the level device on flight controller to move which will stop drone from starting as it thinks it is not on a flat surface which mean looking into beta fight software or something like that ! But the buzzer would still work so make me think that the radiolink transmitter or antenna cable have became damaged. but can’t see any damage as such ! I e attached some pictures for reference so please look. But I did notice that when left turned on for a few minutes the motors were twitching ever so slightly and the drone was beeping when I unplug the power left for a few seconds reconnect nothing leave it again and after a few minutes same again twitching ! Any suggestions how would you test theses components or where would I start to look :eyes:. Thank and look forward to getting into conversation and learning more :+1::+1::+1:

Radiolink transmitter and radiolink controller