RadioLink AT10 shutting itself down

Commander RADIOLINK AT10 is shutting itself off after 30 meters when the drone is flying.
Drone Quav210 model.

Is your Battery fully charged?

absolutely full. He had not done it before.

Is it only shutting down if your Drone is above the 30 Meter mark or is it shutting down after a specific amount of time?

Actually it is flying but the signal on the control goes and goes and after a certain time the drone falls.

How are you antenna mounted?

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May there be a Slack Joint ?

The drone just crashed and the result is that everywhere is gone.

how can i fix it…

I would recomment first to buy a new top plate and some extra screws so you dont have to leave some spaces out…
Double Check if something has come loose…

How is the range shortened. I sent 500 meters before.

Try to move your RX to the back…
Maybe there is a Problem with your RX after the crash…
Double check all connections and try to swap out the Receiver if it wont work.
Can you upload a Video of what is happen exactly?

Let’s send a mail to

What should we send to you via Email?

OK so a couple of things here need some work.
But it can all be fixed. :slight_smile:

New screws - you seem to be missing some.
New top plate - yours is now broken ( but may still be flyable )
LittleBee ESC - Needs fixing back down and could do with some tape/padding under neath it to protect from shorts.
Flight Stack - swap out those metal standoffs for nylon ones. the mounting holes on a PDB and FC are some time grounding points.

Try to mount it...... Nylon stand off > PDB > Nylon stand off > FC
 Rasing the PDB off the carbon base plate will protect your from shorts.
 Refit the connectors on the FC

RX - refit the connector there too, relocate the RX to the rear of the frame. It will get better signal if there is less carbon between it and the TX

Bad connections will give poor conductivity - bad power and bad signal.

But as I said it can all be fixed.

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It all happened when the drone fell.

Could you tell me how to strengthen the signal. This drone, which will travel 300 meters, not 30 meters

Your find as well
with your damaged prop and FC not fitted down any more.
Your get a lot of vibrations transferring to the FC which could cause it to shutdown after a short time.

Fix the issues listed above and your range should return.

As suggested these issues will cause alot of problems down the road if you dont fix them

But for the range issue… I the fault is likely to be either with teh receiver of the radio itself. I would check the antenna on the reciever is connected properly as my first suggestion would be the antenna. If that looks good, the next thing would be to try use another receiver, so isolate the problem to be on the reicever or not.

The other likely cause is that the antenna on the radio itself is damaged. Sometimes this can happen if you carry it by the antenna or something causes some pressure on it., so the only way to check this is to open up the radio.

However at this stage you might want to contact the shop you purchased it from for some help assuming the radio is still in warranty.