Battery for toy drone

Sorry to post this here with all you serious drone pilots but:

I bought a toy drone. It has been used only twice. The kids like it. Problem:

When the battery was charged, one part of the battery terminal remained jammed in the charger. (the terminal consists of two connecting parts, the second part stuck fast in the charger.) Trying to get it out naffed the terminal, half of it broke off, the other half stuck in the charger. So: naffed charger and useless battery:

Can I buy a replacement battery and charger anywhere? Please don’t say Google and Ebay (got the t shirt.) Or do I just bin it?

Toy Drone is (please don’t laugh) Nano (Mondo Motors) X6.0 Ball Indestructible.
Battery: 3.7v 200mAh

Can I buy a replacement battery and charger anywhere? Please don’t say Google and Ebay (got the t shirt.) Or do I just bin it?

You ought to be able to find replacements. The only tricky part is finding batteries that have the correct connector (or pull out a soldering iron and fix it yourself). Do you have a picture of the battery connector?

I have a Syma X5HC, which is a larger quadcopter but still takes 3.7v single-cell batteries. I bought both replacement (actually, upgraded) batteries and a four-battery charger [from ebay]((, but you can find similar products on Amazon if that’s your preference. E.g., searching for a 3.7v charger found this and there are any number of 200mAh batteries available.

Thanks for reply, larsks.

The connector is the problem. It has two connecting parts. I charged the battery and when I removed it from the charger the connecting parts separated, leaving one in the charger. Attempting to prise out the part stuck in the charger, it broke, leaving a broken piece firmly jammed in the charger. So I now have a naffed charger and a battery I cant connect to the motor, or charge, without the missing part of the connector.

I found this review on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars
superb first time drone.
ByD. Oliveron 5 January 2016

"If you’re looking for a starter drone try this, it’s virtually unbreakable, flies well indoors and out if no wind. The roll cage around it protects you and can even be used just like a toy car if you want.
The slight down points are that the instructions are very tiny print & sparse. Also to charge the drone you have to connect & disconnect a tiny cable & plug on the drone and you need small fingers & patience to do so, I worry this may in time break if not careful…"

That is exactly what happened

I can’t be sure, but that looks like the same sort of plug as on these batteries and pretty much everything listed in the “customers also shopped for” section on that page. This looks like the corresponding charger.

3.7v 200mAh? how about tattu 220 3.7v ? this batteries are usually use for micro drone, like tiny whoop, blade nano etc.

Thanks Herrick,

But the problem is the connector. If the battery terminal connector wont
fit the drone motor,

I am no further forward.



Thanks again larsks,

But if I buy the batteries and charger, I am getting towards the cost of a new replacement drone and no guarantee that the connectors will fit the motor.

oh, god, that’s really sorry

Yeah with these things batteries are almost as expensive as the quad itself… and more of a pain to try find spares… I know sometimes you can get bundles with extra batteries which are worth it usually.


I have a confession to make. The charger is coloured black but has a white integral insert (which takes the battery terminal connector). In my stupidity, I thought the insert was part of the battery terminal connector and had got stuck, so tried to prise it out, thereby completely naffing it.

So, the battery itself is fine, I just need a new charger. Unfortunately, your link for the charger is not accessible. Here are a couple of photos of battery and terminal connector. I have looked at loads of chargers on Ebay, but am still unsure as to the right charger. (The drone in question doesn’t seem to have ever been very popular). Grateful for your advice and hope photos narrow it down.

I have found this charger that should work since it has a bunch of different connectors so chances are it will fit.

Otherwise if you can look at the specs and let me know what that connecor is called that will also make it easy to find a charger as it’s hard to tell the exact connector from a pic. But my guess is that it is a jst-ph connector.

Many Thanks Alex.

I have ordered one. Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again

Hi Alex,

You are correct. It is definitely a jst-ph connector.

But I am not having the greatest luck on this. Charger delivered yesterday. It has 12 ports:

6 x 2.0 (I think)

6 x 1.25 micro (I think) Both of these sizes are jst-ph connectors. Is that right?

I actually have 2 different toy drone batteries, one of these fitted the larger port, and the other, the smaller. I plugged in the smaller one (the one I am actually trying to get sorted and which the photos in the thread refer to. the 1.25? ): Result: a green led light flash and nothing more, despite several hours of repeated attempts to charge, I then tried the battery in the drone: Flat as a pancake.

I then tried the battery with the larger connector (2.0?): Immediately a constant red light came on, and stayed on for 30 minutes, then went out. Then tried that battery in that drone: Result: fully charged.

So… Have I bought a charger that works on the larger port, but not on the smaller? Highly unlikely, I’ll wager. Otherwise, the battery with the smaller connector is naffed and I need to get a new one.

Photos attached and very grateful for your advice whenever you get a chance. (Photos poor I know. Can send better if this helps).

The connector on the battery is definitely a JST micro 1.25. I have scoured Ebay, Amazon and Bangood to try to source one which has the right connector and battery dimensions to fit the drone battery aperture, and believe me, these batteries are plain unavailable. There are plenty of 2.0’s but no 1.25’s.
This must be because there is no demand for them. If anyone thinks they are available, I will be most grateful if they could tell me where?

Photo shows drone battery aperture so you can see that the battery dimensions are crucial.

The only last thing I can think is to somehow reduce a battery with a 2.0 connector down to 1.25. Don’t know if this is possible?compressed drone aperture

My only suggestion is to get a similar battery with the 2.0 connector and try find and buy some 1.25 connectors and then re-solder the wires so that the new batteries have the 1.25 connectors.

Thanks Alex.

I did post this problem on another drone forum, and replies from that forum concur with yours.

I posted on that forum what I hope will be the solution, and am copying it here, and will be grateful for your opinion.

So I have a toy/mini drone that takes batteries (with the required dimensions) with JST 1.25 connectors (Thank you for your identification).
** After extensive research I can confirm that batteries with these specs are simply not available, but, same dimension, batteries with JST 2.0 connectors are.**
** How, then to connect battery with 2.0 connector to 1.75 connection on drone.**

** I therefore ordered:**
** 1) Batteries with 2.0 JST connectors.**
** 2) leads with 1.25 connectors (with male and female connectors)**
** 3) leads with 2.0 connectors (with male and female connectors)**

** I intend to connect a female 2.0 connector to the blank end of one of the 1.25 connector (male) leads. (After shortening the lead, obviously.)**
** So this lead will then connect the new battery (with 2.0 JST male connector) to the drone. And the operating battery in the drone will just have a slightly longer lead. To charge the batteries I will obviously remove the made up lead.**

** Hopefully this will work?**

Well, it did solve the charging and battery problem. I made up the fly lead and the battery charged up fine.

But now, as soon as I turn on the drone power switch, the props come on full blast. The transmitter has new batteries and emits a beep when turned on but no longer appears to sync with the drone.

I turn on the R/C before switching on the drone.