Over voltage battery (Cnhl Ministar 1300mah 22.2v)

Order Number: 693260
Product Name: Cnhl Ministar 1300mah 22.2v 6s 120c Lipo Battery
Brand: China Hobby Line
Hi! Ordered 4 batteries in total and today was going to be the first day of charging them , unfortunately as I plugged one of them in I’ve got an error message from my charger telling me that the balance port is delivering 34V also connecting the battery to a drone doesn’t give off any power.

Sorry to hear about this, we will help to get this issue resolved for you and the battery replaced/refunded. If its possible can you confirm the individual cell voltages as CNHL will need to see this before they can authorise a replacement for you:

Hey there!
Sure thing , here’s a photo of them .
The strange thing it’s very intermittent as well, as you can see I’m getting a good voltage reading now but the moment I try to connect the XT60 the voltage jumps too high.
I’ll try to attach a video as well for you to see

Kind regards

Yes, I agree. When you charged this battery did you charge it at 5C or a similar fast-charge setting? As this could explain the issue. Because at the higher current rates somemchargers cant handle the fluctuations in voltage when charging (opposite of lipo sag)

Please discharge the lipo immediately to storage level

I wouldnt leave the lipo at high charge like that so bring it abck down to storage. Then if you try to recharge to again, but at a but at a much lower rate at 1C or under (1.3A). Then this will hopefully resolve the issue. As i think that maybe something went wrong during charging :thinking:. Let us know!

The thing is I never even charged it , literally took it out the box and that’s what I was getting which made me a bit worried.
So the battery has not been charged by me , normally I would charge my batteries at 1C .

Due to the error I get when I plug it in I’m unable to discharge it too unfortunately.

I would suggest that you plug it into something else such as your quad and run the motors with props off for a while gently to get the battery to around 90% charge as then you can do the rest on your charger etc… Just dont do anything too aggressive on the first cycle to be on the safe side as Its not great to keep any lipo on full charge like this for long.

Appreciate your help Alex , but the problem is that when I connect it to any of my quads the battery doesn’t deliver power to the drones so I’m not even able to run it down

Sorry if i am being dense, but i dont quite understand? The battery is outputting 23.18V, if you just draw power from it it will go down, doesnt need to be a quad, could just be another device or anything.

Are you able to plug it into the input power port of one of your charger? (Assuming it can handle that input voltage)

This is what I mean by that :sweat_smile: I know it’s an odd one port number 1 has a functioning battery reading 23.6V from the xt60 connection whereas number 4 has either nothing or sometimes goes to 5-6V , it only shows above 20V when the reading is taken from the balance lead .
If I for example connect a smoke stopper to it which has a small LED it doesn’t even put up , honestly it’s above my head .

Just to I understand, as I am very confused:

  1. When you plug in only the XT60, your charger reads overall voltage as 5-6V?
  2. But when you connect the balance lead, it then reads over voltage?

You sent us this photo showing that the battery is around 23V, so I am now very confused about what the actual issue is.

Basically to file a warranty claim with CNHL, we just need you to send a photo showing both the XT60 connect and the balance lead, with the individual cell voltages so we can send over this info to show them that the battery is faulty, otherwise in our experience they will blame the charger as one such as ToolkitRC do not have the best reputation for accurate voltages. If you can get this over to me then I can send this over to CNHL so we can get it resolved for you, sorry about all the backwards and forward, its usualy not such a pain to get a battery warranty claim!

So yes as you said when the XT60 is plugged in the highest reading is 6V but sometimes it goes down completely to 0V.
If I only plug in the balance port it shows 23V but as soon as I connect the XT60 too it jumps up as you can see it in this video .


Morning !
After trying a few things it’s even stranger how the battery behaves, please see videos below.
When using a battery checker it only picks up 1 cell out of the 6 and the connection to negative wire on the XT60 seem intermittent


Morning, I am just waiting for some feedback from CNHL about this and we are trying to get them to confirm the issue so we can get this refunded for you. I will update you as soon as we hear back (should be within a day or two).

Kind Regards


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No worries, thanks for the update!

Hi, just to update you, would you prefer a replacement or a refund for the faulty battery?

Kind Regards


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Hey Alex

Ideally a replacement battery if that’s alright.


Sure thing, that has been arranged and will be shipped out to you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Kind Regards


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That’s great, thank you very much.

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