Battery vol err cell connect

Hey guys,
I’m using my friends Turnigy Accucell 6 charger to charge my new battery, its a 1500 mah 4S battery, I already charged it a few times but now when I try to charge it, it says voltage low, I charged it a little with Nimh charge and its on 10v it shows, I do LIPO balance charge and it shows its a 3S batt and when it starts to charge after a few seconds I get BATTERY VOL ERR CELL CONNECT and it stops charging,I press to see the details and the volts are 3.65V,3.62V,3.63V,1.03V, what to do? I’m afraid that it will blow or something.

Please measure the resitance of each cell and and the voltage of each Cell.
You can do that with a Multimeter.
If you are unsure that your battery will not explode, please take it outside and leave it at a non-flamable area.
Could you also upload a Picture of the battery?
Probably one Cell is damaged.

Looks like you have a dead cell.

Its more of a danger when you try and charge it.
At the moment the other 3 cells are at a safe voltage.

Will the cell being that low, I won’t try to recover it.
If you do try… Then do it outside and as safe as possible. You don’t want it going up in flames in your home.

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So annoying guys, this is the third product I ordered from banggood and within a month its has a failure.
Save yourself money and some nerve dont buy there, such a waste of time.
Someone has website to reccomend for buying genuine Batts globaly?

Im very happy with gens ace…
The Battery seems not to be damaged… Maybe write Banggood… They may just send you a replacement…

UnmannedTech ships lipos.

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Okay, so I contacted banggood support they told me this:
“new battery needs repeated charge and discharge, then the voltage will be balanced. And we suggest that your charge it with a current of 0.5A, preferably with balance charger.
If the voltage is still not balanced after repeated charge and discharge, please contact us again and send us photos or video to show the problem.”
I just tried to check the batttery on my drone and it worked for about 10 minutes but I didnt have the same power.
Now it can be balance charged but it detecs 3cells again, usually after 10 mins the charger says:" VOL SELECT ERR", and it doesnt show the voltages of all the cells.
What do you suggest me to do? I keep touching the battery and monitoring it, it doesnt seem to be puffy or hot while charging, it was warm a little after I used it for the drone.

Send a Video that is showing the problem to the banggood Support and say that you tried what they told you.
They will probably just send you a new one…

One time i made a Video with my props too loose (I didnt knew that at that point) so the Motors where making a horrible Sound. Then i made a Video and send it to the bangood Support… 10 hours Later they send me two new Motors. :smile:

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Failing that you could at very least raise a PayPal dispute and get a refund for the batteries.

Apperentley after 3 days you recieve your product you cant get anything except 1000BG points (worth 10$)…

Keep hassling them. I got 2800 points for a GPS module that was not as advertised. It’s crap you can’t get a refund, but just be aware, you can;t use your points all in one go. You use them against future purchases to receive a discount percentage off your order (which incidentally can’t be used on anything on Promo or discounted already)