Can't idenify what this wire does on MJX Bugs 4W?


Apologies suspect this question very simple and forum more for professional drone fliers.

I crashed my MJX Bugs 4W the day after getting it (instead of activating camera activated kill switch, bt thats another story).

Rear leg damaged but have order new one i.e. similar to image. Can see leg has 2 power cables and plug. However there also seems to be the black wire seen in picture. Seems only attached on one end (unless other end came away in crash) so has exposed section. Tried Googling the text i.e. “125c vw-1” however seems this is just for the shrink wrapped sleve.

There appears to be identical wire going into the other rear leg, bug none on the front leg. Wires just connect (solder) to front of main drone PCB board.

Any ideas what it is?

Obviously want to know from persepctive of replacing arm (when arrives from China)

Any help much appreciated, hopefully the 2 images are below.




Black wire (only one end connected) you are referring to is the reciever antenna.


Many thanks for the information :grinning:

So no need to worry about it at all when replacing the arm i.e. just ensure if goes down the arm presumably as it was before?

And identical wire on other side just for redundancy/ensure reception from both side?

Thanks again,