Typhoon pro 4x30a blheli_s bb2 esc with current sensor

Just noticed this new 4 in1 esc you stock and I have a few questions:

  1. Do you have any documentation regarding the esc configuration of the solder points?
  2. Whats the voltage range of the current sensor and battery sensor outputs?
  3. Whats the current rating of the LDO voltage regulator?

Well i have problem , they send me version without voltage regulator wow.
Thanks guys.

what do you want to know. You have M1-4 marks on plate, and M1-4 in manual on connector ?

Voltage range , and current will be standard as other sensors i guess ?

Voltage reg. I think you can feed like up to 300mA like for FC, reciever.
For camera / vtx i am not sure it can handle.


The LDO regulator is not the same as a BEC, is it called a low drop out regulator which is kind of link a baby regulator that has the advantage of not adding any switching noice to the circuit. The advantage of this is that the power supply is much ‘cleaner’ so the electronics work better, but you loose the BEC output ability.

We are gettings some more typhoon 4x20A ESC that have a 5V BEC instead of an LDO


i dont understand what is the difference. Can you put down some numbers to help understand or something ?
I dont get explanation it dont have BEC output ability.

Hi thr 30A version does not have any BEC output so it’s best to use a minibec or similar to power your flight controller, otherwise something like the omnibus f3 has a built in BEC so you can power both the FC and ESC directly from you flight battery and because ESC. The Mai reason why this ESC does not have a BEC is because it supports up to 6S lipo

We will soon add a 20A version that supports up to 4S of the typhoon that has a 5V BEC built in