To much interference on fpv

Hi guys can anyone help? I have been flying LOS for some time now. I braved using my fpv for the first time the other day, which turned out to be a bad experience!. At first on the ground I would get just a little bit of interference but as soon as I lifted off I had visibility started to haze and then a complete fuzzy screen, I couldn’t see a thing. I was lucky to have a spotter with me to whip my goggles of before something serious could happen. Can anyone tell me my options at this point? Could a ground station help this ? And what could be the issue? I was in a middle of a huge filed no obstacles or buildings close by. I was using a walkera runner 250 bnf version with headplay headset. I live in the uk so subjected to the frequency laws here. I have heard about rapping foil around tx but on the runner I dont think the setup would allow this . What are my options at this point ?.
Kind regards rob.

I live in uk and use 600mw. Sounds like you need an LC filter on your power supply to the camera.

Thankyou zugara, I was thinking the same about LC filter . Can you just educate me a bit more please? I have been basically learning about the frequency’s over the last two days from youtube ext , so I’m a little confused on what the 600mw is . I know of the video frequency 5.8Ghz , 2.3Ghz/2.4Ghz , 1.3GHz , 900GHz . I have hard others talk about 600mw but unsure what it relates to

The other problem could be something to do with your antennas not matching on your quad and goggles as once could be right handed and other left handed which results in very poor range. Possibly even the location you flying has bad interference from other equipment such as power lines. Another common mistake is mismatching SMA and RP-SMA connectors, where the metal pin does not properly connect with the female connector.

Before your next flight after changing something its a good idea to try a range check by walking far away from your quad with everything on to see how far you can go, that way if the signal breaks down then you will not crash.

If it is an LC filter issue its usually noticeable only when you turn on the motors, so if you are getting bad inteference with your motors off then the LC filter is not the problem.

Otherwise I have written a coudple of FPV guides:

That should cover all the basics you need to know such as frequency and power levels etc… If you have any specific questions just let me know on the relevant guide and will be happy to explain.

Where you based? Mw is the power of the transmitter for the fpv side of things. I fly in my local woods and found 200mW wasn’t powerful enough to penertate the obstacles I fly around. Also 600mw gives you longer range in clearer areas.

Many thanx, I am based in Swansea , so it doesn’t relate to the power from the board but the power from transmitter it self. I will look into what power my transmitter is pushing out

Brilliant thankyou I will read through the links you sent and try and determine what the problem is and what is coursing it

Can we assume that you bought from banggood? Their spec shows 100mw transmitter if indeed you have the one I looked at on bg website. Have you checked that all plugs are fully inserted where they need to be?
Might be worth taking off the props and trying fpv again in your mancave!
I am based Southampton, bit far for a casual meet…
Anyway, do some basic checks, wiring etc, and report back.
Wouldn’t worry to much about mw strength at this stage, you need to be flying.

No I actually got it from unmannedtech around Xmas time. Southampton is a bit far for a casual meet, I have noticed alot of post coming from Southampton! There most be a lot of enthusiasts your end. Ahh I think I have just solved the problem. There are three little switches on the video transmitter that was all pushed to the right. I have now switched one the the left and the other to on the right and it seems perfect . I can leave the quad in my house and I can go out side to my garden and only then do I get small interference lines but still visible. Brilliant thankyou for everyone’s help on this , it is very much appreciated. It normally always turns out to be something small or simple . So many different aspects to this hobby and I love it :slight_smile:

Yea…glad you got it sorted…all the best, and have fun :grin:

Thankyou very much for your help, and I’m shore there will be another problem I would need advice with and shore to be on here again asking questions
Kind regard’s rob