Flying with folk with DJI HD

So I’ve just started flying with someone who has just invested in the DJI HD Goggles for FPV. I’m still flying analogue (waiting for Fatshark) and I really struggle when he’s using his HD goggles due to the amount of interference that those goggles seem to cause on multiple channels.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and has anyone else found some ‘golden rules’ for flying with these DJI FPV folk?

For info; based in UK, so HD goggles aren allegedly working on 25mw and CE channels.

Move further apart. So don’t stand together. Also ensure that the channels your using are far enough apart…

Yeah of you stand abit further apart it should help alot as well as setting the channels as far apart from eachother. The reason is the DJI goggles actually transmit too to help with signal error corrections so standing further apart is quite important to avoid any interference.

That’s what I said! Lmao