Going over to HD fpv

If I want to go over to HD fpv, who does the cameras? Bought the runcam swift 2 and see Eachine now do hd. Obviously there would be latency.
Can someone advise please.

Currently the only reputable HD FPV system is the connex prosight HD, which is around $399 just for the camera/VTX


When you say:

Perhaps you are thinking about their HD goggles. These have an HD screen with HDMI input (if you connect it to a HD device), but in general most FPV systems are analogue so do not have a HD video signal. The highest resolution oyu can get is about 700TVL (irrespective of what camera you use) so its close to HD, but not true HD.

You might want to read our FPV gear guide to learn abit more about FPV stuff in general as there is quite alot to think about!

Hi. Thanks. I had this problem when I started with cctv. 3 systems later…
It’s misleading because x has hdmi out or is x tvl etc.
So my runcam swift 2 is about the best video and I’ll need to get some decent diversity googles, just don’t want to spend a fortune on fatshark. Looking at aomway etc. Got vr d2 but my eyes can’t focus even though I’ve hacked the lens.