The Micro swift, Cmos cameras are fading away?

One guy has a deep understanding of FPV equipment, said yesterday ,"the Micro swift, Cmos cameras are fading away ". but why the runcam, foxeer, eachine still keeping a high price policy?

Dunno bout that, but are there other alternative? BtW really new to these stuff :stuck_out_tongue: just bought an H36, now im planning on setting up something for big boyz :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to consider myself an expert to some extent and not sure what that guy means by CMOS is going away… if anything I would understand if he said CCD sensors are going away as CMOS sensors are getting so much better and they are also cheaper.
Any people (myself included) consider the runcam eagle/eagle 2 to be the best fpv camera and that uses a CMOS sensor, and just about every other consumer camera like gopro use CMOS sensors…

Also if you want to know the difference between CCD and CMOS check the fpv camera guide: