Long range FPV video system

Has anybody any experience with 1.2/1.3GHz TX/RX equipment on multirotors?
I’d be interested on any views, good or bad
Thanks in advance
Steve :slight_smile:

I have not, but as far as I remember you can’t use 1.2Ghz for airborne use? (Vut I could be wrong).
But in theory it can give more range due to longer waveform so it has better penetration power.

But if you want long range fpv, better and cheaper to rather use 2.4ghz/5.8ghz gear with very high gain tracking antenna on the ground (Yagi style antennas are great) and then use UHF on your r/c transmitter. This way you can go a good few Km away.

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Thanks Alex @unmannedtech1

My original plan for my new build (TBS Discovery + 3axis gimbal) was to use 2.4GHz for video and UHF for RC.
… but I saw some 1.2GHz kit on eBay/Ebid and thought I ought to research it at least.

I’ll check on the legalities, I did have a nagging thought that it might be ‘licensed’ :sob:

Steve :slight_smile: