Tips for the CX-10 Cheerson Nano Quadcopter

Just bought/ thinking of buying the CX-10 nano quadcopter? Then see this article for loads of cool and useful tips and troubleshooting techniques.


There is a front and a back to all quadcopters! The front of the Cheerson CX-10 quadcopter is the direction with the blue LEDs. The back of the quadcopter has red LEDs and the On/Off switch.
The right-hand control stick moves the quadcopter forward, backward, left and right. These directions will always be from the perspective of the quadcopter, no matter which way it is facing or has rotated.
The left-hand control stick on the transmitter controls the throttle (up/down) as well as the yaw, which controls the rotation (spin left or right) of the quadcopter.


Use the provided USB charging cable to charge your quadcopter from a computer. Do not attempt to use an iPhone/iPad, etc wall charger as that may damage the battery.
Never leave your charging quadcopter unattended or plugged in for longer than necessary. All lithium ion batteries can be dangerous if over charge, which may lead to a risk of fire.
The charging is complete when the LED light in the charging cable goes out.


Power on the quadcopter on a flat and level surface
Power on the transmitter (always ensure the left-hand stick is all the way at the bottom first)
Now that both the quad and transmitter are powered on, move the left-hand control stick all the way up and then all the way down. You should hear a series of beeps while doing so. When complete, all four lights on the quad should be light solidly and not blinking. If still blinking, please retry.
Your quadcopter is now armed and ready to fly!


There is a front and a back to all quadcopters! The front of the Cheerson CX-10 quadcopter is the direction with the blue LEDs. The back of the quadcopter has red LEDs and the On/Off switch.
The right-hand control stick moves the quadcopter forward, backward, left and right.
The left-hand control stick on the transmitter controls the throttle (up/down) as well as the yaw, which controls the rotation (spin left or right) of the quadcopter.
These movements of the quad will always be from the perspective of the quad, no matter which way it is facing or has rotated. These means that pushing forward on the control stick will always make the quad move in the direction that the blue LEDs are facing.

  • When learning to fly, try not to turn spin (yaw) the quad so that the front is always facing the same direction.
    As the quad moves around, turn your body so that you are always facing the same direction that the quad is facing. This helps to keep track of which direction is forward, backward, etc
    The throttle is very sensitive, try using a very soft touch while learning how to fly. If you lose control, you can always power down the quad by lowering the throttle all the way down, this will shut off the motors immediately. Under normal circumstances, it is usually better to cut the throttle and crash than to have the quadcopter fly away!


To execute a flip, simply push the right-hand stick in (like you are pushing a button). You should hear a beep, which means you are ready to do a flip. Next, simply push the same stick in either of the four directions to make the quadcopter flip in that direction.
Always make sure that you are not too close to an object before conducting a flip. The quadcopter may gain or lose altitude or move sharply left or right while flipping.


All quadcopters have two motors that spin clockwise and two that spin counterclockwise. Each of these motors also use a different propeller. If a propeller meant for counterclockwise direction is placed on a clockwise spinning motor, there will be no lift generated.
Each propeller is marked on its underside with either an A1, A2, B1 or B2 marking. The numbers are not important, however the letters are. These letters correspond to the direction in which the propeller is designed to spin.
When changing a propeller, always be sure to replace it with anther propeller with the same letter (again, do not worry about the numbers).- You can also use the picture below as a guide for which motors take which propellers. Please note where the on/off switch is in the picture to ensure that you are changing the correct ones.


There are three ways to correct for calibration issues:

Automatically recalibrate - Power off the quad, place it on a flat and level surface and then power it back on. Wait at least 3 seconds before attempting flight. The quadcopter should now be recalibrated
Manually recalibrate – While the quad is turned on, place it on a flat and level surface. Push the left-hand control stick all the way to the bottom left corner and the right-hand control stick to the upper left corner and hold both sticks in those positions. The lights on the quadcopter should begin blinking quickly. Hold the sticks in that position for at least 4 seconds. The quadcopter should now be recalibrated
The paper trick – With the quad copter off and on a flat and level surface, place a couple pieces of paper under the feet of the quadcopter in the direction that it tends to fly in. This will slightly lift one part of the quadcopter higher than the other side. Now power it on and let it automatically recalibrate. You can play with how many sheets of paper you use until the problem is solved.


There are two sets of directional arrow buttons on the transmitter. Each arrow is a trim control to counteract the quads movement either forward, backward, left or right.
If the quadcopter is drifting to the left, push the directional arrow pointing to the right. This will tell the quadcopter to adjust itself more to the right in order to compensate for the drifting to the left.- It is recommended that you only use one click at a time in to not overcompensate in any one direction.
With correct trimming, you should be able to get the quadcopter to hover fairly steadily.


Problem: One of the motors seems to be completely dead or is very hard to spin

Solutions: Remove the propeller from the problem motor and put it back on, making sure that it is not pressed down too hard. Props which are pushed in too tight can jam the motor

Problem: The quadcopter will not lift off or shoots off to one direction without leaving the ground.

Solution: This typically means that one or more of the props are not installed correctly (they do seem to come from the factory this way sometimes). Please see the above instructions for proper propeller placement.

Problem: One of the motors seems to stall when tilted slightly.

Solution: This may not mean there is anything wrong with the quadcopter. It has built-in gyroscopes that change power to the motors in order to maintain stability. If this does appear to be a problem, going through the manual recalibration will fix most issues related to this.

Problem: The quadcopter flies off in a certain direction all by itself.


1 - This typically means that the quadcopter is not calibrated. Please see the recalibration information above.
2 - You may need to use the trim controls to counteract the drift. Please see the section above regarding trim controls.
Problem: The quadcopter will not take off and only skims along the floor Solution: This typically means that one or more of the propellers is on incorrectly. Please see the Changing the Propellers section above.


I purchased and received my CX-10 yesterday, while trying to learn to fly this cool little gadget 1 of the propellers just stopped spinning, I tried to not have it on so tight, changing out the propeller (with the correct letter) and also took it off and tested the actual metal piece (which seems to still be turning) any other suggestions before I contact Amazon about it being defective?

I suggest you check to see if there is any hair inside the motor as that is usualy the cause of most motor problems. Also when you put on the propeller you need to press it down so that it clicks on, if you dont press on hard enough it will not be secure. But also dont press too hard to damage anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that but I did notice that 1 of the wires wasn’t connected when I took it apart to verify nothing got inside, I requested an exchange although I’m sure I could fuse it together somehow I don’t think that I should have too after only owning for an hour and then it stops working! Unless you know of an easy way for me to do it?! Thanks for the advice tho I appreciate it this thing is cool!!

You would need to solder the wire back onto the PCB, so its not something I suggest you try unless you have done any soldering, as if you do it wrong you might damage your quad further and then it would not be ellidgeable for warranty/return/ Best to just return it and get a new one as a replacement.

Hi there, I just received mine yesterday for my son. I’ve followed the poorly written manual and also watched YouTube, but I can not manage to sync the controller with the unit.

I place the left thrust down, turn both units on, then move the thrust fully up, and return it. The manual says there should be a beep, but nothing. I can not get it to sync??

If I push the left joystick I get the “one” “two” or “three” beeps as manual implies, but I can not sync the two units?

What am I doing wrong?

First turn on the joystick, then your CX-10, and then if you try moving the throttle stick (left one) fully up and down a few times are you able to get it to connect that way? If not it sounds like you might have a faulty unit, did you buy it from us? If so just send support an email and we will repair/replace the quadcopter.

After 2 days my cx 10 W was behaving al little bit weird. It wasnt flewing up but in the ground with 1 side. I searched this on google and saw this topic. You guys helped me ALOT!!! If i havent seen this i just bought an another 1. SO THANKS ALOT GUYS!!! Best drone info website btw.

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I have bought and sadly lost my cheerson cx-10, but recently (as of today) found it. I have BOTH the drone off, and the remote off. when I try to charge the drone, It turns on its propellers and slowly increases it’s speed. This is extremely strange because both the input and output is off. When I try to charge it with the drone being ON, my charging cord indicates that no power is being received (to the drone)

Is there any chance that water could of gotten into the casing? But it does sound like its been damaged unfortunately.

One of my motors isn’t working and there is no hair and the propeller does not need to be pushed in because when I take the propeller out and run the drone the motor still does not work. Before this, it wouldn’t work because the little white piece that was holding the colored part to the white part fell off, I knew that the motor worked because when I pushed the colored part down it would run. I decided to super glue the little white piece down and I now think that the super glue might have been a factor. What can I do to fix my drone?

I know you can buy spare motors for the CX-10 just search on amazon/ebay as many people sell them. Then its just a matter of removing the plastic shell of your quadcopter. THen you just need to do abit of soldering to connect them.

This video might help:

I just bought the CX-10WD-TX, and it doesn’t work. I bought two and the other flies perfectly, but this one doen’t seem to move. When I run the motors the helixes just move a little bit (15 degrees or so) and then nothing happens. Is it broken?

When you say it moves 15 degrees, are you saying that it only tilts up to 15 degrees?? Or does it not even take off? If its not taking off make sure battery is fully charged and there is nothing blocking the motors like hair. Otherwise if its still not working then I suggest you contact the shop you purchased it from to get it replaced.

The helixes move 15 degrees, they not even spin, so it doesn’t take off. Also, the other one I bought isn’t working now either. When I try to turn it on it only appears the blue light and I can’t make any connection with it…

I just got a CX-10WD and I’m having trouble with it. It seems to pair, the app can see through the camera, etc. but none of the manual controls work.

The auto takeoff button launches it into the air – right into the ceiling or a wall, usually – and the auto land button generally works (but isn’t always gentle about it). But it won’t steer, the props don’t spin up when I use the throttle, etc. either from the phone or the controller.

Any ideas?

i got my cx10 for christmas and now it wont get off the ground

In the last page of the users manul #6, there is a section that talks about arming and disarming rotors

After pairing controller to drone (step 1 in manual)

At the same time
Hold the left controller stick to the bottom left
Hold the right controller stick to the bottom right

Repeating the procedure disarms them

Not sure why this wasn’t number 2 in the users manual! El-oh-El

I bought my qaud a few days ago but it seems that it suddenly started rotating as the propellers are on thus the direction i give forward tends to move everywhere and not the direction i want it to go as it keeps spinning on its own axis. P.S. its not on headless mode its on beginner mode however it keeps spinning and bumping. what should i do?

Silly question, but are you sure the props are all on the correct directions?