Tips for the CX-10 Cheerson Nano Quadcopter



Just received my CX-10. I literally flew it 2 times for probably 30 seconds…it crashed but nothing appeared damaged. Now, when I’m using the transmitter, and I click the “take off” button, the transmitter just gives out a single beep each time the button is pressed, nothing else happens.

The unit IS fully charged.
The copter is pared with the transmitter, I get the 2 beeps when paring and the LEDs go solid blue and red.
I’ve tried to “arm” the motors by pressing the L and R buttons back and opposite each other, when I do this each propeller moves forward ever so slightly but will not rotate fully.

Any ideas guys? Thanks


Wow !!! After crashing 100 times and almost ready to return my drone searching for beginner flying tips I found your site. When I read below ,

" When learning to fly, try not to turn spin (yaw) the quad so that the front is always facing the same direction.
As the quad moves around, turn your body so that you are always facing the same direction that the quad is facing. This helps to keep track of which direction is forward, backward, etc"

all of a sudden I could fly the mini drone and actualy not crash it before the batterys died. And let me tell you once you fly for 3 minutes without crashing you get hooked. Thank you so much for this. Maybe in a while I will get better and be able to use the yaw to rotate and point the camera where I want it to go :smile:


I just got my cx10wd and now the top left won’t shut off, all of the power are off. When i go to charge it, it would come in until battery runs out have you ran into any issue like this


This happened to mine as well. Same symptoms, including props barely moving when “arming” the motors. I fixed it by opening up the drone - just underneath the top plastic cover is a small circuit board with 4 connections. I took a hot soldering iron and touched each connection, to resolder it in case it had come loose in my latest crash (I accidentally flew the drone behind a door and it bounced around pretty violently). After resoldering those 4 wires the drone works again.


Hi. I was flying okay for the last few weeks learning the right stick. But I crashed it today and now it only veers left instead of takeoff. I recalibrated it and replaced a cracked prop with the correct a/b prop and when it is idling it doesn’t slide in any bad direction. Help?
Can I tell if it is a left vs right propeller issue?


hi im 11 and i got one of your drones at Smyths. it doesn’t seem to be working i turned it on and the controller and it just flashes no beeping sounds or nothing and i turned on my drone and it stayed red and blue no flashes i was using it a hour ago and it was fine.