Thug Pig Frame..... What else? Newbie!


I am looking to build my first racing drone after purchasing a bebop 2 as my first drone, then using my brothers Emax 280 Pro Nighthawk and we are now both looking to build our own. I have taken an interest to a Thug Pig V5 Low Rider 220 frame and i’m lead to believe that the Emax red bottom motors are god. I have however seen the RS2205 2300KV motors and the RS2205 2600 motors which i am interested in. I have also seen they have brought out the RS2205S motors which only spin one direction; is this because you can just wire it up differently to spin the other way?

Also what flight controller would you guys (and girls) recommend to run with suitable software and ESC’s. I get the PDB from Thug Pig too so i am guessing it’s ESC’s and FC i could do with getting next?

I wan’t a drone that is suitable for flying fast and to be agile with a view to look at drone racing in the future.

Any help would be appreciated.


It’s true that about 6-9 months ago the EMAX ‘red bottoms’ took the 250 FPV racing guys/gals by storm and was the ‘must have’ However the other manufacturers soon caught up and now there are many choices of quality, powerful, fast motors around.


  • DYS MR2205-2300KV Race Edition
  • DYS SE2205-2300/2550KV PRO Race Edition
  • DYS FIRE2206 Race Spec.
  • Cobra CP2205-2300KV Champion Series

see what I mean ?:laughing: loads of choice, take your pick, check the specs for battery size, prop size, thrust required, sufficient power rating etc. (everybody has their favorites there is no single motor that is the absolute best)

All brushless motors will spin both ways, direction is changed by swapping two of the three wires over. I suspect you may be thinking of 3D acro/stunt flying where the throttle stick centres and motors can be driven in both directions for very quick movements. This is set in the flight controller and also in the ESC’s
It’s a bit specialised as a ‘newbie’ I’d suggest you stay well clear :relaxed:

For a fast, agile, tight quad less than 450mm the best option these days are the F3 or F4 Omnibus controllers. They have OSD (on-screen display) built in (useful for FPV flying) also voltage regulators to power cameras, video transmitters etc. They are small about 35mm square, light and easy to wire up. These FC’s run either Cleanflight or Betaflight, both are free downloads and run on PCs/Macs and allow you to setup your controller to suit your equipment and needs.

ESC’s… my current favourites are LittleBee PRO’s, 20A is sufficient for a 220mm quad. There are others equally good from other manufacturers, look at this guide What to consider when buying a ESC for your multirotor - Guides - DroneTrest

This forum site has many great guides to help you choose your components, make the most of them

If you want some quick suggests for your 220 Thug Pig I’d personlly go with:-

DYS SE2205-2550KV PRO Race Edition motors
F3S AIO all-in-one flight controller
LittleBee PRO 20A, set-up to use OneShot and make sure ‘light damped’ is selected (gives active braking) for rapid responses
RunCam SWIFT FPV camera, if it will fit, if not try a Mini 1000TVL CCD camera
TBS Unify Pro video transmitter, 20mW legal in UK but most fly 200mW :hushed:
3S 2200mAhr (25C at least) LiPo battery pack

Hope this all helps, it’s all IMHO there’s no bible in this hobby :laughing:
Let us know how you get on

Fantastic! That is plenty of information to keep me going! My brother has said he will be getting me the Emax RS2205S motors for xmas and also my girlfriend is buying my frame and PDB. I’ll take your advice on the FC and i was a little unsure about 20 or 30 amp ESCs but again i’ll take you advice on the 20A Little Bee’s.

I better start getting some overtime in!

Thanks again mate