Throwing in the towel

I have a tyrant s and am having so much trouble getting it flashed and set up on betaflight the only way its going to fly is when i throw it out the window. Does anybody know of any one who offers a repair and set up service? If so could they pass on some details please. Im so frustrated withit now i just need to get it tomthe point of bind and fly. I thank you all in advance.

it just so happens…


Send alex a PM

What’s your location ?
Steve :slight_smile:

Hi Steve I’m in the West Midlands

Me too, in West Midlands, don’t have Tyrant S tho :-):rofl:

Where about are you and where do you fly? I am in Dudley and just moved back after a long time away so don’t know anywhere at the moment…

Hiya I dont know much about the diatone tyrant series but I think it uses FC Fury F3 and its an STM32 chipset. First download the latest STM32 drivers(obtained from the link in betaflight’s config welcome tab) and reinstall the drivers using zadig(again obtained from betaflight config).Secondly hold the boot button/key then simultaneously plug the usb into the computer and release the key(puts you in bootloader mode).Then go to the firmware flasher tab and flash your betaflight. If it doesnt work you try switching no reboot sequence or full chip erase or manual baud rate one by one trying if it flashes or until all are switched on.If it still doesnt keep trying until it works??.Just watch project blue falcon’s vid on how to flash?if it makes it any clearer?.

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