Diatone Crusader gt2017 setup help


I’ve recently ordered a Crusader GT2017 FPV for my son’s birthday, from yourselves. I’m currently struggling to get it working. There was no documentation with the drone, so I have spent some time looking at various Youtube video’s. I don’t have much experience with drones beyond a DJI Phantom but I am familiar with RC planes.

I have installed a Frysky X4RSB receiver and it is bound to a Turnigy 9XR (ERSky9X Firmware) and configured the 4 flight channels along with a switch to arm.

I have 2 issues:

  1. I can’t get the drone to arm. Do i need to do something in Betaflight to configure the drone before I am able to arm it and subsequently fly it?

  2. I can’t get any of my Windows 10 machines to see the drone and connect it to Betaflight. I have managed to get Betaflight working once and talking to the flight controller on my Chromebook. Subsequently I’m not even able to get the Chromebook to talk to the FC, let alone any other devices. During the one time I did get Betaflight working I could see that my transmitter and receiver were working as each of the channels were responding (Green light is showing on the receiver to show that it is bound along with the LED’s on the FC).

Sorry to hear you are having problems getting it setup.

  1. Betaflight does have some setting that will not let it arm, for example, if the throttle value read by the FC is now low enough. Best thing to do is set a switch on your radio to arm/disarm the quad

  2. As for not connecting to your pc, have you confirmed that the correct drivers are installed? (I’m on my phone so don’t have the link, but let me know if you need it) Also we did have a few issues with this first batch of gt2 2017 kits where the regulator has failed on the FC, so if you connect via USB or battery only, do you see LED’s flashing on the flight controller?

Also I will make sure to help you get your gt2 working, and if it there is a hardware fault, we will ofcourse repair/replace it for you.

On the opening screen of BF there is a list of drivers that you need to install. Have you done that? Also, try a different usb cable, some don’t carry data, only current for charging devices!

Once in BF, you need to do several things.
Select either SBUS or PPM from the configuration page.
If sbus you need to select a UART port on the Ports tab first.
You need to setup the modes on the modes tab.
On the receiver tab, you need to select which receiver type you are using. AETR, TAER etc.
Once this has been done, you should be able to arm the quad.

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