TBS Lucid Flight Stack and Gorilla Mounting Pattern

TBS has been busy with some restructuring and they’re back with new products that promise to enhance our flying experience. Here’s a quick rundown:

New TBS Lucid Flight Stack

TBS Lucid 6S 4IN1 ESC

  • Features: 8-layer high current density board, double the market average onboard capacitance, designed for durability and smooth performance.
  • Collaboration: Developed with AM32 for top performance without breaking the bank.

TBS Lucid Flight Controller

  • Variants: Pro (MPU6000 gyro) and Freestyle (ICM-42688P gyro).
  • Compatibility: Works with all 20x20 ESCs, integrates with TBS Crossfire & Tracer ecosystems, and supports DJI O3 digital system.

TBS Gorilla Mounting Pattern

TBS has introduced the Gorilla mounting pattern, aiming to eliminate the obstruction caused by stack mounting screws. For now at least TBS do provide adapters so it will fit onto any standard frame! TBS also claim that this will allow for better power delivery to your MOSFETS, as most high power ESC with through holes, have one phase of the motor limited because of the through hole screw mounts.

Initial Community Feedback

Many of us are thrilled about the Lucid flight stack’s innovative design and features, highlighting its uniqueness and impressive specs and price. However, there’s some hesitation about the Gorilla mounting pattern, with questions about its necessity and implementation. Overall, the response is positive, and we’re eager to see how these new products perform in the field.

What are your thoughts on the new Lucid stack and Gorilla pattern?