The TBS Fusion is here πŸ‘

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A Fusion of the best: The image processing developed by BrainFPV, the OSD and UI by Achilles, and the hardware engineered and manufactured by TBS. When the brightest minds of the FPV industry work together, being the best at merging two analogue video streams was simply not good enough! Through active video fusion, the displayed video instantly has less breakup and more range, without colour-deterioration or video desync often experienced at the edge of reception. A state-of-the-art OSD engine drives cutting edge interactivity, while reducing the need for on board OSD. The TBS Fusion both raises the bar at reception…

Probably a little late to market. With everyone now jumping on the HD wagon, I think TBS may have arrived to the party a little late with this present.

Same here to late HD is the way forward

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I agree it’s probably at the tail end of the technology shift but I think analogue FPV will still bee important for the next year as all the hd units are far to big to fit onto whoop/toothpick style frames. And given imposing regulations and weight limits toothpick class quads should get more popular as the basically feel like a 5inchbqiaf in terms of power.

And still, even if you are waiting for the fatshark HD system it’s still worthwhile getting a plug in analogue module since you can then use that with analogue FPV quads, and the HD system.will plug into the goggles HDMI and have a separate RX anyway. That way you get the best of both.

The DJI fpv system is not universal as only lets you use it with their air unit. And given the total cost of something like the fatshark HDO with a digital system is likely to cost around he same price, I think alot of people will go with fatshark as it’s more open as you can still use analogue pretty easily.

i know caddx are also working on an HD FPV system and probably loads of other companies are too so basically it’s super exciting as FPV will finally arrive in the digital era. But then again you might as well wait 6month to a year to hold.out to see what the best system is going to be and that point also makes something like the TBS fusion a decent option.

Anyway whatever you think I’m super excited to see the hobby being pushy forward in a big way!

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