Taranis X9E tray radio - getting Flight Mode sounds

Long post warning
Hi all, are there any OpenTx/Taranis gurus out there?
I’ve recently got a Taranis X9E tray style radio, must say I’m very pleased so far. I’m using it with a Pixhawk and a X8R telemetry receiver. I have upgraded the firware to the latest (2.1.8) and installed the FrFky 6 way switched pot for FLight Mode setting, plus I’ve done all the normal stuff like binding in D16 mode, setting up the channels and everything is working.
My question is, how can I set up voice announcements for the flight mode changes?
I have looked and looked, but every piece on info I find is for the X9D using either two switches, or the 6 way in position S3. My radio doesn’t have S3 so I have had to set it up as a multi-switch on F3, then added a 6 point curve on channel 5 to trigger the pixhawk flight mode changes, which is working fine.
Most of the info says to set up custom switches (there aren’t any in this version of OpenTx) and assign them to 6 Special Function entries with the corresponding “play track” entry for the voice file.
I’ve made the 6 SF entries - but how do I link them to the 6 flight modes?
Any pointers or help appreciated.
Sorry for the long post!

Here is a great video tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about sounds on your taranis, abit long but worth learning if you want to add the sounds, and the best sound pack to use is the Amber sound pack for taranis

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I’ve already loaded the Amber Soundpack, and it’s working well.
I’ve watched pretty much all of Painless360’s videos (including this one) - he’s a very useful resource.

Unfortunately, this is only for the X9D with the F_Modes selected either by two switches, or with the 6 way stepped pot/switch plugged into position S3.
My X9E doesn’t have S3, so I have put it on a spare pot channel (F3) and calibrated it.
The switch operates the Pixhawk F_Modes correctly via a custom curve, the problem I’m having is how do I assign the various PWM values (or percentages) selected via this curve to the Special Functions for each voice file?
I read somewhere (probably the RCGroups forum) that when you calibrate the pot/switch the radio assigns new input switches to each level - something like S31…S32…S33…S34 etc.
I’m sure I’m missing something stupid :wink:

Ha ha - this must have triggered my last remaining brain cell, I’ve got it working!
The trick is to assign a Special Function to each of the “new” switches - S31 to S36 for each of the flight mode sounds. So, S31 is Flight Mode1 which plays “Stabilise” via SF1, S32 is Flight Mode 2 which plays “Alt Hold” via SF2 etc…
Happy bunny :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know, and i still find myself bashing my head against the wall with silly things not working, most recently was building a quick miniquad and wondering why it wasn’t detecting the receiver input, turns out I was using the wrong connector on the f3 flight controller :stuck_out_tongue:, but I guess working late at night does not help.

No problems, I know what you mean.
This Taranis tray radio is a bit of a handful - all the features of the original (including tha lack of a manual) plus the added bonus that not many people have one, so it’s not really covered by all the resources out there like Painless360 and others.
I’m loving it though, for the price it’s a brilliant piece of kit.