Radio X9D plus Taranis switches


I try to set up switches in my Taranis and Betaflight(modes). Ch5 for Arm and angle mode, and Ch6 for horizon mode. The switch has three phases, but in Betaflight does not go under 1500 and it is see like two phases. When I go to the receiver tab are AUXs in the middle…

Painless360 check this dude out on youtube. I have a teranis and know my way round open tx but its one of those things you need to see done.

Yeah another option would be to go to the channel monitor on your receiver screen and make sure CH5 and 6 are working as they should. Then if they are not doing the same in betaflight, then maybe the channel order is incorrect?

Have you checked in the Betaflight Configurator under “Configuration” and “Other Features” if the “Permanently enable Airmode” is selected? If yes, unselect it => the switch in Betaflight will go under 1500.