Strange problem with Cleanflight Channel Mapping

I am having some odd things going on with Cleanflight (latest version) channel mapping with both an SPF3 Evo and SPF3 Acro flight controllers. The same problem exists with both flight controllers although I am using the same Lemon Spektrum Satellite receiver in both cases.

This is my first attempt with this stuff, but what’s happening just doesn’t add up. I can connect and bind with both SPF3 FCs, and the transmitter does work and I can see the Cleanflight display changing as I operate the sticks on the TX. However, I am getting strange movements in that if, for instance, I move the throttle up, the corresponding bar in the display moves up from about 1300 to about 2000 counts and stops, but if I continue to open the throttle the Roll bar begins to move. In other cases if I move say the the Roll stick in one direction it moves one channel and if I move it in the other direction it moves another channel.

If I move the Yaw stick Aux 3 moves. This is even more strange as Aux 3 would be channel 7 and I only have a 6 channel TX and 6 channel receiver. Also, when all the sticks on the TX are static in their home positions the displays bars are all over the place. I would expect the Roll, Pitch and Yaw bars to be central at about1500, and the Throttle to be near zero, but they not, some are around 1000 and others up to 2000. Nothing makes sense at all.

I am using just a FC board and the satellite receiver, nothing else is attached, and I am powering both devices through the USB port. I don’t know if that could be an issue. As I said this happens with both the FC boards.

I am using UART 3 in both cases with bind set to 7.

I would welcome any comments.



Resolved! I had used the wrong Serial Receiver Provider. I was using Spektrum 1024, but changing to Spektrum 2048 solved all the problems.