Cleanflight and Flysky FS-i6 issues


I’m a total beginner when it comes to drones, never fly one and I try to configure for the very first time a drone model QAV210 in Cleanfligt.
I think that binding the pilot with the receiver was successful, all electronics seem to work as I can spin motor in Cleanflight.

I follow these guides and I watched some movies, checked solution on other websites and the issue which I face that pilot’s sticks don’t correlate with bars in Cleanflight, as they should be, they are not detected in IBUS mode.

But it checked for example PWM RX set up as a receiver and then I can see a random correlation, but while I move sticks on the pilot, the values are changing in Cleanflight what confirms myself that they are correctly binded.

I share short movies how it is, as a reference.
I really believe it’s something not really complicated but all tutorials and articles I saw they had automatically correlation between a pilot and receiver bars in Cleanflight what in my case is a problem.

I have no experience with drones and this issue makes me really confused. All suggestions, comments and advice will be very appreciated!


can a fs-i6x be paired to a holy stone f181w?

i would guess no…

Most toy grade drones won’t pair with a hobby grade transmitters.
Which is a shame cause toy grade transmitters are normally really cheap and just a let down.