QX80, Cleanflight and FlySky FS-i6

Hi All,

The issue I’m having is that I get no input from my FlySky transmitter. I get the solid light to indicate that the pair have bound successfully, but cleanflight isn’t recognising any of my inputs. Everything went together nicely enough and cleanflight recognises the board, it’s orientation and will let me spin up the motors, so all good there - it just doesn’t register anything I’m doing with the controller. What settings am I supposed to use for this?

Currently, I have:

UART Serial_RX Enabled
Channel map: AETR1234
Receiver mode: RX_PPM
Serial receiver provider: SPEKTRUM1024

Where am I going wrong?

Did you have a battery plugged in as well? If not, give that a try!

Hi Bill,

I tried both - though the receiver LED flashes with battery connected or not, which makes me think it’s not a power issue.

I’ll give it another go and report back!

On the flysky, if binding is ok, the green led should blink very fast… Those receivers are a bit tricky…

Try this link proposing solutions…