Cleanflight - stick movements not registering

Hi, I am using a SPRacingF3 in combination with a turnigy evolution transmitter and receiver. I followed Steve’s UAV Futures guide here ( where he uses the same transmitter and FC. My transmitter and receiver are bound, the LEDs and sound when they connect show this and I can see battery voltage etc on my transmitter. I connect to Cleanflight and enable Serial RX on Uart 3 where my receiver is connected (like in the video) then I go to Configuration and change it to ‘serial based receiver’ and choose ‘iBUS’ then I go to Receiver and choose the default channel map (again all like in the video).

Here’s the problem. He then moves the sticks around and the bars for roll, pitch etc move. Mine don’t, they just stay still. I’ve followed all the steps he did and I am using the same transmitter and FC, only the receiver is different and I’m using the stock Turnigy receiver which came bound with the transmitter and its connected in the same way as in the video. Anyone got any ideas because I’m new at this and am at a loss having searched for an answer all day…

what reciever you using, the name of it.

Turnigy iA6C PPM/SBUS 8CH 2.4G AFHDS 2A Telemetry Receiver

if youve got it the same the only thing i can think of is your receiver may be in ppm mode!

Hi Dale, I triple checked everything and it turned out the receiver was connected via ppm and not sbus/ibus, Thanks.

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