SP Racing F3 no servos

and I have a new problem. This time with SP Racing F3 controller, that normally use Cleanflight.

Problem is that I can use servo with airplane configurtation. Radio link work corectly, all seems to be done correctly but servos don’t work . I find opinium that this is caused by firmware . Perhaps someone know this problem or can indicated me the version of firware where servos are enabled.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Do your servos have power? Could you show a photo showing how everything is connected? And have you set the vehicle configuration for your spf3 to be for a fixed wing, and not a quadcopter?

Cleanflight config show that servos should be connected to channels 3,4,5, 6 .
Motor should be connected to channel 1.

I have manually removed motors from channels 3, 4, 5, and 6. Resource motor ? none
I have put instead of motors servo for example resource servo 3 A11, etc.
On pin 1 of output i have a signal 480 Hz for motor.
I have nothing on other outputs.
Yes, I have powered servos for battery. Yes , I used airplane configuration. I you will still want a photo I wil make a photo Thanks for interest. Kaz

Yes, this is really very bad program this Cleanflight, baseflight, betaflight , etc. But it is true that I have paid nothing. Made by no professionel in free time. Unfortunately sometimes people loose a time trying to correct the errors.