SBC as Flight Controllers accessing PDB data?

Hey Guys,
I’ve been researching on this particular topic for the past few days and still can’t come up with a proper solution that won’t rocket through my wallet…

I’d like to program my very own flight control software running on a Single-Board-Computer as I like the flexibility it offers. However, the only downside to this is that not all SBCs come with all required components needed for drones… (e.g. sensors, ESC ports, etc etc).

All I could come up with right now is using a Power Distribution Board such as the Matek XT60 to power Motors, ESCs and connect the battery and possibily even the SBC itself through the 5V output, but… How do I actually access the PDB itself to control the ESCs, read battery status and all that fancy stuff? I know there are ready-made Flight Controllers with PDB built-in but it has its limits for my purposes (thus why I need it to run on an SBC).

Has anyone tinkered with this kind of things yet? Any solutions?