Choosing a PDB (RPi)


Long story short I decided I challenge myself to build my own QuadCopter using a RaspberryPi.

I’ve got pretty much everythig I need now except a PDB which I’m struggling on.

I’m using 4 BLHeli 20A ECS’s which sport a 2a 5v BEC (perfect to power the Pi), 4 EMax motors and just a standard lightweight frame. My battery is a Multistar High Capacity 5200mAh 4S 10C. (I understand some of these choices may not be the best but I’m just trying to get started and will improve when I have my code and drone working).

Being quite new to this, I’m trying to find a simple PDB so as to not get too confused.

I was looking at the - I know it’s used for aduinos usually but from what I can tell it could be compatiable. I’m looking for something with minimal soldering as I’m not a dab hand.

Any tips or suggestions are welcome as it looks like I’m going to need a bit of help getting this project off the ground, pun intended.

Thanks again,


Sound alike a fun project, so would like to see how it goes, if you need any help as you go along happy to offer any advice :slight_smile:

As for.a pdb, we don’t really make the one you suggestrd anymore as things have progressed/changed abit in this hobby. So the one I suggest is you use this one Matek PDB-XT60 w/ BEC 5V & 12V - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop and solder your ESCs directly to it. This pdb also has a nice filtered 5v output (better than the red one)

Also for your ESC, if they have a 5v out then you should remove the red wire from the 3 wire connector as they can cause some interference depending on what type voltage regulator is in the ESC.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have more questions!

Thank you mate. Made the order will leave an update tomorrow.

Thanks for your help so far