Help with PDB/AIO FC choice?

So, im in a bit of a dilema with which aio fc/pdb i should use in a build im working on:

Motors: 3B 2407 2600kv
Props: Dal 5046c tri, Azure 5051 tri
Esc: Flycolor x cross 50A (bl32 with 60A burst)

Should for some reason each motors actually does draw 50amps on punchouts, what are my options for a fc aio or pdb? so far only the matek fchub has a 200a current sensor, but do current sensors really matter?

The furiousfpv lightning pdb claims to have a 200amp load but I cant find any proper review online for this board…

The dys pro v2 f4 boards claims to be capable of 200amp burst loads with its 3oz copper layers but it has a much lower rated current sensor installed.

is there any im missing or could someone please suggest me something i could use?

Also could someone shed some light if im waisting my time worrying about this and should just go with wtv? I wouldnt worry at all normally but these hungry motors are rather intimidating… lol

Help? Thanks

For a few seconds I am sure it will not be a massive problem given that your fpv quad will have alot of airflow to keep things cool. But the main issue with pulling too much current through a pdb will cause the traces to get red hot and they can possibly delaminate.

So I think a 200A pdb will be fine assuming you have a quad (4*50A on burst). Matek make great ones so you can’t go wrong with that. Although I have never used that exact pdb from furious FPV their other products are great and they know what they are doing so you should be able to trust that too.

The current sensor is the main issue as you don’t want to burn it out. But a 200A current sensor will also be fine since you will only be pulling 200A on burst. But worst case if you don’t need it or are worried about it burning, you can just short it out or remove it.

Hope that helps. And once you have done your build do share some pics/videos of your beast :+1:

Thanks for the reply! Just ordered the matek from unmannedtech :grin:

That burst thing is the issue though, the flycolor esc’s are rated for a 60a burst…

and heres the published thrust test for the motors straight from BBB’s website. The amp draw is around 40-50a after applying a 70% bias… hopefully that holds true and not more lol

Wow those are some seriously amp hungry motors… up to 80A draw I saw on the table…I suggest you do some tests before going crazy on the throttle stick to see how hot your ESC/PDB get.

Also thanks for the order, appreciate it :slight_smile: