BFF3 - To PDB or not to PDB?

I have a frame - TSX 250 - that comes with its own reliable PDB.

I also bought a BFF3 FC.

Do I ignore the TSX PDB and just connect everything to the BFF3?

Or shall I use the TSX PDB as it’s reliable, and solder the ESC signal wires only to the BFF3?

I am not 100% up to date with the TSX 250 frame, but on their website it seems that there is not any details about the PDB in terms of current rating or BEC etc… so I would say unless the PDB forms part of the frame structure I would ditch it and just stick to the betaflight F3 integrated PDB, as that will save some weight and require a marginally less amount of soldering.

The Betaflight PDB can support up to 145A and has a nice 2A 5V BEC so on its own its a respectable PDB.

Hi Alex, and thanks for the speedy reply. Yes the PDB is part of the structure. It has usual ESC solder pads as well as filtered 5v out and 2 Battery Voltage outs. It’s well made and has never caused me any problems in the past. I have 3.

Actually on second thought, If you plan to use the current sensor, you will then need to use the betaflight PDB anyway. As the betaflight F3 does not have any neat pads to allow you to just route power through the current sensor. Reason is as you probably know already the motors use most of the power so you need to make sure the battery power passes through the current sensing resistor first before going to the motors. But thats only if you need to use it.

I didn’t know that, and I would like to have available the amp draw and mAh used, so thank you for answering my question!