Samhobby X-220 (Molded carbon fiber with balsawood)

Hey guys!
I am always in the search for good innovative frames, for the past years we have seen frames like the TBS Discovery and DJI F450 that sort of started this whole “quad” craze…

after we got tired of those big bulky quads there were the Blackout Mini H-quad that i think very many got their hands on!

the blackout, ZMR250 and the QAV250 were like the norm for quite some time and for some they still are great frames overall but thats not my game…
I wanna see whats new, what have been improved month to month…

So… A couple of weeks ago i got in touch with a guy (SAMHOBBY) and started talking about his frame he posted earlier that day in a group on facebook. (picture above)
i was really amazed by the looks of it and really wanted one so ofcourse i asked him to send me one…
the frame i got from him is not yet flown and configured (waiting for the STREAK F4)

so a little about this frame then:
the main plate is basicly 2 molded carbonfiber plates with balsawood and carbonfiber spares inside to give it more strength. (picture below) this method of makeing the frame is suppose to “absorb” the vibrations which will make it really easy to tune and will be awesome to fly…

the other things on the frame is 2 “side plates” that is made the same way as the mainplate and one “top plate” milled from 1.5mm carbonfiber plate. all screws and nuts are aluminium. all this makes it a vey light and durable frame at only 64 grams.
i gotta say that i didnt belive in this concept from the start but once i got it i was blown away about how rigid it really is!
so big love to kevin at Samhobby and keep makeing amazing annovative frames!

I will post more about this frame as i get my flight controller.
while you wait you can take a look at these pictures. :slight_smile:

Very cool and it is indeed nice to see some new innovative frames… will be sending your streak F4 v2 very soon :slight_smile: so you can test fly and let us know how this frame performs!

Sweet! Sounds good alex! :smiley: