Kongcopter Foldable Multicopter Frames

If you have been to our shop recently you might of noticed two new multicopter frames that have recently been added. The FQ700 and the FH800. Both of these frames share the same parts, but one of them is a foldable quadcopter, and the other is a foldable hexacopter. Alot of the foldable frames on the market have arms that swivel around to fold back, which is usefull but if you have a gimbal attached/ landing gear then tey still get in the way when you are storing/transporting the quadcopter. I tend to prefer the folding method of these frames as they fold downwards, which is great as the gimbal hanging. landing gear under the frame is not in the way.

Apart from the nice folding mechanism, the frames have large 25mm arms and sturdy motor mounts so these frames can lift quite heavy loads if you want. Both the frames also come with a canopy cover (although we don’t have any photos yet of the FH800 one, but it looks the same as the FQ700 canopy cover.

FQ700 Quadcopter

FH800 Hexacopter - canopy cover not shown

Here is a photo of the FQ700 in an X8 config next to a DJI Phantom for a size comparison