X-132 - The Ultimate Sub-250g 2-3" Brushless Micro Quadcopter Drone Frame Kit



Hey there guys. I’ve been working on a project to help people get themselves free customizable sub-250g drones. Frame fits all motors 11xx-14xx, 2-3" props, up to 30.5 x 30.5 components.

Yes its real, it flies and its fast. Super fast.

You can use many of the parts for your other FPV projects.

Project and download link:

Share and let me know how you guys get along!


Thanks for sharing, although I myself am not a massive fan of 3D printed frames (as they are just too fragile for my bad piloting skills :boom: ), I can see the value in being able to quickly print some frames cheaply, and also the fact that they are super light. Also nice that it can fit a bunch of motors and RC electronic stack sizes :+1:

Also here is a link to your video should anyone want to watch instead of read :wink: